Friday, January 12, 2018


For Christmas we stayed in Idaho Falls. The kids all got riding gear for their dirt bikes, Scotlyn got a computer, and the boys got a bearded dragon. We went to Blackfoot and had Christmas dinner with Sarah's in-laws and family. Josh came up from Salt Lake and celebrated the holiday with us too. On Wednesday after Christmas, we traveled down to Hurricane, Utah to visit Matt's family and spend a few days down there. It was nice to be able to spend time with Grandma Mikkelson, Russ, Wendy, Royce, Tom, and Jennifer. On our way back to Idaho, we decided to take the scenic route through Zion since the kids had never seen it. We stopped at Checkerboard Mesa and let the kids play on the rocks. It was a good end to the year!!

Christmastime Festivities!!

My dad's work, Bush's RV, held a "Christmas in the Night Sky" evening for the people of Idaho Falls. There was Santa, a baked potato bar, hot chocolate, hay rides, camp fires, and fireworks. It was very cold, but a lot of fun. My mom and I also took the kids to see "The Nutcracker" at the Colonial theater in downtown Idaho Falls. The boys fell asleep in the second half, but other than that, they enjoyed watching the show. Cooper got glasses this year. He is nearsighted, but likes to wear them all the time.

Cooper's Report

Cooper did a report on the Baryonax dinosaur in his 3rd grade class. He had to write a 2 page report and make a diorama to go with it. He did a wonderful job on his presentation.

School Pictures!


For Thanksgiving, this year, we went to Elko, Nevada to visit Sarah, Jason, and Georgia. We stayed the whole week and had a lot of fun. We took the kids to see the movie "The First Star", then Sarah, Scotlyn and I went to see "Badmom's Christmas". My mom, dad, and Matt came up on Wednesday during the week and we were all able to celebrate together. The kids had a great time playing with Georgia, chasing her around the house, and taking her for walks. The kids played for our school chimes choir at Barnes and Noble after we returned from Elko. Before we left, Cooper narrated the story of "Stone Soup" with two of his friends, Sam Wilson and Adrian Robison, to his class while the rest of them performed a play. They do this every year before Thanksgiving.