Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Cooper Goes Fishing with Papa & Nana!

Cooper got a chance to go camping and fishing with Papa & Nana for a weekend to Heise Hot Springs for Bish's RV camping weekend. Papa taught Cooper how to fish and they ended up catching a few for dinner and breakfast.

Billie & the Kids Come Visit!!

Aunt Billie, Robert, Alicia, Olivia, Auntie Sarah, and Georgia all came to visit at the same time the first week of June. We stayed up late, roasted marshmallows, played games, walked along the river, went to Reed's Dairy, went to see Scotlyn at the zoo (she is a volunteer this year), went to Battle Zone, and had a lot of BBQ's. We always enjoy when family and friends get a chance to come visit.


Cooper had to research Vietnam for his end of the year report for 3rd grade. He did a great job speaking in front of his peers. For his food, we made rice noodle soup in a ginger chicken broth.

Margarita Run!!

Staci, Hollie, Jess, and I went to Salt Lake City, Utah for a 5K race on Saturday, May 19. It was called a Margarita run because they served margaritas before the race. We spent the weekend at Josh's and did some shopping too.

Mother's Day Weekend!!

For Mother's Day this year, one of my oldest friends, Erin, and I went to Portland, OR. We flew out on Friday, May 11 and immediately went to dinner at a place called Salty's. It was super yummy and was right on the Columbia river. We had the best dinner that we paired nicely with a great bottle of wine. That night, we stayed at a beautiful hotel in downtown Portland. Saturday morning we got up, went for a walk to the Farmer's Market, had breakfast at the famous Voodoo donuts, then went on a city historical tour; which was very interesting. Saturday night, we drove to Astoria, OR and stopped at a winery along the way. The drive was absolutely beautiful and serene. We walked along the beach and went to Haystack Rock where the movie "Goonies" was filmed. Sunday, we drove back to Portland, OR and went on a foodie tour. We went to 6 different places and tasted a whole bunch of different foods. We stayed in three different hotels that were all very cute in their own way. We flew home Monday morning and can't wait to do it again next year.