Thursday, April 25, 2013

More Visits to the Doctors...

Scotlyn started having a toothache one night and it came to be that she had a cavity in her back molar. We called the dentist the next day and luckily she was able to get in to see her. Unfortunately, her tooth needed to be pulled. Luckily, it was a still a baby tooth. The tooth fairy came the next night and gave her $5 for the yucky tooth. 

This poor little guy was having too much fun with his brother. He and Cooper were running around the bar in the kitchen area and he slipped and hit his chin on the tile floor. Matt and I were right there and quickly applied pressure to the wound. We knew he would need stitches right away from how big his gash was. Parker was pretty shaken up over it and did not want any stitches. We arrived at Ista-Care and they put some numbing medicine on the sight, but it didn't numb it up enough so the shots still hurt quite a bit. After all was said and done, we left with 7 stitches and 3 suckers. Cooper was very sweet, kind, and caring when we got home and made sure Parker had everything he needed like medicine and blankets. He even cried (screamed) for Parker when I tried to bathe them. I would wash Parker's chin and Cooper would scream as if he were in pain and yell "You're hurting him, stop". It was quite comical for us, so much that Matt had to record it.

Spring Break 2013, March 29-April 5

For Spring Break this year, we headed down to Hurricane once again to let the boys spend a week away from Mom & Dad while we took Scotlyn to Scottsdale, AZ. We weren't sure if we were going to be able to take this trip this year based on how our year started. This is the 4th or 5th time we have been able to do this and feel very blessed that we got to do it again. Matt's work continued to send him to flight training in Scottsdale while Scotlyn and I got to play. 

We left Friday, March 29, and headed down to Hurricane, Utah and stayed there until Sunday morning.  We were able to hit the annual Easter Car Show in Hurricane. The boys loved this and loved seeing all the "cool cars" as they call them. The boys stayed with Grandma Wendy and we left to drive to AZ on Sunday morning. 

This is usually Scotlyn's week to be a princess and have us all to herself. On Monday, we did a little bit of shopping and Ms. Scotlyn picked out two new outfits. We found a cupcake place that was on "Cupcake Wars" and bought a cupcake from them just about every day. My favorite was the brie cheesecake and cranberry wine cupcake. Scotlyn just liked the chocolate one. Tuesday, Matt had to start class so we were on our own for the next two days. We started the day by getting pedicures and making our own lipgloss. Then, Scotlyn and I went to see the movie "Oz: The Great and Powerful". The movie theatre was very nice and had a restaurant that brought you food while you watched the movie. We thought this was so cool that we had to bring Matt back on Thursday to see another movie called "The Croods". On Wednesday, Aunt Billie drove up from Tucson and we went to an aquarium/zoo. This was fun and the weather was so beautiful. We of course always love going out to eat at fun restaurants that we don't have in Idaho Falls. We also went to a go-kart park and rode the go-karts and water bumper boats. Scotlyn especially loved this because I got stuck under a water fall and got soaked from head to toe. 

We had a great week and finished it off with a BBQ at Matt's parents house with friends from Utah. Maryann drove down from Salina, Jamie & Julie, Jeff & Deann, Jeff Staples, Kenny & Jen Jessop,  and Rich Blackmore were all there and visited through the night. This is always fun and something we look forward to every year.

More Pictures of Mardi Gras 2013...

These pictures were taken by a photographer that was at Mardi Gras. Our group was a bit silly and had lots of fun, as you can see. From left to right in the top picture are Clark & Debbie Johnson, Matt & me, Sarah, mom & dad, Rechelle & Matt Hintze. 

In this picture, there was a group of pretty ladies all in fancy boa's and then we came in and took over. They didn't seem to mind at all that we were just having fun. I work with two of these ladies.

This is just our group of ladies in 80's!!