Thursday, July 15, 2010

a vacation to Iowa....(warning, many cute pics to follow!)

We spent a week in Iowa visiting Matt's side of the family. It was an eighteen hour drive that we managed to turn into 22, both ways! I don't think the kids want to take any long drives in the near future. We go there every two years and everyone seems to always enjoy themselves. His grandma and grandpa live on a farm with many tractors, barn kitties, and a million mosquitoes. This year Parker and Cooper got a taste of what it was like for Matt as a kid riding on tractors. Parker was in love with all the machinery. Following are many pics of the fabulous vacation. I, who rarely takes many pictures, took 126. Don't worry, I've posted just a small amount.

Parker liked to helped Great Grandma water the plants around the farm. He loved the golf cart and always wanted to drive it. He and Cooper fought over who would have the steering wheel.

Great Grandma uses an old plastic tub to take wash down to the basement, Cooper thought it was fun to just sit in and he liked to have someone push him in it.

Matt mowed the lawn for his grandpa, it took him 2 days to finish. Parker fell asleep while he was helping dad. He must of thought that it was a tiring job.

Scotlyn and Josie were both born on the same day, August 27th, and seem to have about the same personality, always want to be in charge and not afraid to speak their mind. They had a great time playing: dress up, washing cars and garages, playing with barn kitties, sleeping in a trailer by the lake, swimming, and just being silly girls.

Cooper just loved to go up and give hugs to CJ, who is Josie's brother. He was very loving and kept calling him and Parker bud or buddy. He was very sweet with both boys.

Steve, Matt's uncle, has a boat that the boys wanted to ride on. They had such a good time on Rice Lake, where Bonnie and Steve live. I think Cooper would have jumped in if we would have let him.

Every year Great Grandma Ramsey's sister, Elaine, has a family get together at her house to watch the parade for "July Jubilee". Cheri, Matt's cousin, made a candy target and it worked well because the cooler was half filled with candy after the parade.

Tthe four girls: Madi, Josie, Morgan, and Scotlyn are all within 3 years of age from each other. When ever they get together, you'd think they played together all the time. They have so much fun and look forward to these visits.

Our lil' miss Scotlyn won 2nd place in the tractor peddle races at "July Jubilee". She was so proud of herself after she finished. She peddled her little heart out when she got on that tractor. Matt was at the end of the race yelling and I think she just really wanted to win.

For the 4th of July, we spent the evening with our neighbors and had a great time watching the fireworks. Idaho Falls puts on a wonderful firework display.