Saturday, March 7, 2009

We took P for his second plane ride last weekend when we went to Salt Lake for a wedding. Our girl, as always, loves to be her dad's co-pilot, but this time she had to share her seat with her brother. He loved it, but I was happy the ride only lasted 50 minutes because he did get restless and wanted to crawl all over the place!

Hello to all! I know it's been awhile since my last post...time goes by way too fast! Our little boy has just turned one today. For those of you who attended our girl's big shin dig and Luau for her 1st birthday, I felt P needed a little more than just a birthday cake put in front of him. So, we decided to have a swim party (since it's only 20 degrees outside) at our local gym. I invited some friends and classmates that have gotten really close to him over the year and my mom and dad came up from down south. We had a great time and enjoyed the nice indoor warm water.

We only have 7 weeks until we should expect our newest little one. I don't have a scheduled c-section date just yet, but will be delivering at 39 weeks. I have had some early contractions, so we're taking it easy just a bit. We thought since P's birthday is right next to mine then maybe this next one will be right next to Matt's, which is April 12th! We'll see...we know it will come when it's ready. We still haven't found out a sex yet and are waiting for that big day to decide on a name. Our girl has an idea for Stelluna if it's a girl!