Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Scotlyn Turns 8 !!! August 27, 2011

For Scotlyn's 8th birthday, we went to Salt Lake City and stayed in a hotel. For her special day, we went to Build A Bear, played at the Discovery Children's Museum, and played in the water fountain at the mall. In the picture above, Cooper and Scotlyn are playing at the museum.

Here is daddy and the birthday girl.

Mommy and the birthday girl.

Cooper gassing up his ride at the museum.

Kitura and Scotlyn at the museum sitting in the helicopter.

Daddy and Cooper in the helicopter.

Build A Bear Workshop is always a must when it's your birthday.

Auntie Sarah and Scotlyn

Aunt Jennifer and Scotlyn

For dinner, we went to eat at "The Mayan Adventure." The food wasn't that great, but the atmosphere was wonderful. It was decorated to look like a jungle inside, had cliff divers into water, fire dancers, and rope swingers from the roof. We had a total of 20 people in our dinner party. It was a fun adventure.

Jen, Rod, Josh, and Scotlyn

At the table was: Mommy, Daddy, Parker, Cooper, Auntie Sarah, Jason, Grandma Wendy, Grandpa Russ, Jennifer, Rodney, Josh, David, Cortney, Deann, Jeff, Kitura, Kambria, their two foster sons and Scotlyn.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Visit from the Jones' Family - August 12 & 13

Here is everyone sitting watching the animal show at..."The Zoo". I didn't lie when I said that we took all of our visitors to the zoo.

The kids are feeding the animals.

This is a great picture of the kids in front of the Idaho Falls. We walked a lot this day and it was so hot. When we got lazy because we had walked so far, we called my sister and she came to pick us all up in her car. The six 6 kids piled in the back, with no car seats, and Brit and I sat in the passenger side. Plus we crammed our double and umbrella strollers in her hatchback. She drives a little Pontiac. This was very safe. I should state, so no one calls CPS on us, that we only drove down the street to a shaded area, maybe a mile.

Here is our little Cooper sitting on my counter. Every time I cook, he comes over to me and says, "Me help too, Me help too." So this is what I get: a cute little dude that takes up half my counter space and occasionally spills the ingredients. This morning we were making Swedish pancakes, which are one of the kids favorite breakfast.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hurricane, Utah in August 2011

Little Miss Scotlyn out on on Papa's boat. She loves the water and to go fast. Now if we can only get her to try out the water ski's.

Parker wasn't too sure of the ride at first, but loved it in the end. He kept asking Papa to go faster and do it again.

Driving the boat was the best part for all the kids.

This was Cooper's expression the whole time on the boat. The next few pictures were taken at the Hurricane Splash Pad. It was hotter than h%#l in Hurricane. We would have just about melted if it hadn't been for the Washington Rec. Center or this splash pad. The boys had a great time running through the water and I was able to get some cute pics of them. Scotlyn was still on her vacation with Nana at this time.

Here are the kids helping Nana wash her car.

Wendy (Grandma), Jen, Josh, Scotlyn, Parker, and me all got to go see the "Little Mermaid" at Tuacahn. Wendy had bought us tickets in early July, which was good because they had had a sold out show for 29 consecutive days. It was a wonderful show and the kids loved it.