Monday, August 3, 2009

Last Sunday we took one of Matt's friends plane up for a spin around the city. P loves airplanes, maybe he'll take after Matt!
My mother was in 7th heaven on this vacation! We had a wonderful time in Southern CA. We left Wednesday morning (7/22), picked up my mom and Scotlyn in Hurricane then headed to Las Vegas to have dinner with Matt (he was there for work). P started to not feel so well so we got him some Motrin and headed to state line to stay the night. All through the night he kept waking up and had a raging fever. So, @ 6 the next morning I ran him and Coop (also not feeling well) into Vegas to an Insta Care. After driving around for 2 hours looking for one that would take my insurance, they sent me to the Children's ER for a pediatric dr. Long story short....after a$200 copay and Augmentin, we were on our way to CA. We had a great day in the Magical Kingdom and yes...It is the happiest place on earth! We also got to visti my cousin Jin and her great family. Brandon, her son, had a birthday at a great bounce house place. We ate lots of great Mexican food and spent a day at the beach. My camera ran out of batteries so I have no pics of the beach. As you can see from the pics P was very tired and just fell asleep just about anywhere! Scotlyn also enjoyed her nana dressing up as a princess with her on our trip to the Magical Park. Eat your heart out have nothing on these princesses! Scotlyn also lost her first tooth while there. The tooth fairy was able to find us...but only had big bills so, she got a $20 bill for her first tooth! We all need CA tooth fairies.

Our trip to Disneyland!