Friday, July 29, 2011

Flintstones, Bedrock City, South Dakota 7/17/2011

This is actually Parker and Cooper at Mount Rushmore. Notice the scratch on Parker's nose. When we first arrived, he fell down on the concrete sidewalk and scratched it.

Flinstones: Bedrock we come!

Iowa : July 6- 16, 2011

We went back to Iowa to visit and so Matt could help clean out his grandparents farm. There was a lot to do and he was busy the whole time he was there. He had a great time strolling down memory lane with his family and finding lots of old items that his grandpa had hidden away. I'm surprised we didn't come back with anything on a trailer. Everyone was helping to get ready for an auction on September 11. They pulled out 15 tractors, I think, and 6 old cars that they decided were too sentimental to sell. Here is one of them with the kids posing next to it. I think the cars name is "Vicky". Matt was successful in getting all of the cars at least running, some not so well but they made noise. We had a great time even though it was very hot, humid, and the kids looked like they had chicken pox from all of their mosquito bites. Parker even had a visit to the ER for a bite, spider we think, that made his forehead and eyes swell.

Here are all the Great Grandkids: Madison, Josh, Morgan, Madi, Josie, Scotlyn, CJ, Parker, and Cooper.

Miss Scotlyn loves to pose for pictures.

The Grandkids: Kristie, Jennifer, Matt, and Cheri

"Thank you Aunt Jennifer for helping me with my hot dog." Parker kept dropping his hot dog in the coals and getting black on it.

We had a bonfire, a small one, and roasted hot dogs, marshmallows, and made smore's.

Matt and Parker were just getting to mow the back woods and side yard with this monstrous mower. Parker and Cooper loved taking rides on these tractors. In the afternoon when Cooper needed to take a nap, we would just take him for a tractor or 4 wheeler ride and he would fall fast asleep.

Parker loved to climb up and down and sit there pretending to drive the tractors. He didn't mind posing for pictures as long as he was on a tractor.

In this picture, you can tell that his face is swollen from the spider bite. It didn't hurt, itch, and wasn't red but it sure looked yucky.

Cooper getting a trailer ride on the back of the mower.

Cheri, Jen, Bonnie, and Wendy were washing and taking pictures of the tractors for the auction guy.

Kristie gave all the kids a ride in the trailer all around the yard.

Parker and CJ

Cooper was so tired each afternoon.

If Matt was fixing a car, then Cooper and Parker were right there, sometimes under his feet wanted to help him.

Matt and Steve discussing how to get the car running.

More washing tractor pictures.

Cooper and Parker taking a ride in the Galaxy 500 with Matt driving.

The girls: (Morgan, Madi, Josie, and Scotlyn) and Josh having a good time hanging out.

Matt, Parker, and Cooper

My little Scottie

Cooper in front of the corn field.

Cooper always wanted to be by a tractor. He was jealous because Parker could climb up on them and he couldn't.

Thanks dad for helping me up on the tractor.

Visitors From Other Places - June & July 2011

When our visitors come here from out of town, we go to the zoo a lot. Idaho Falls has an awesome zoo for our small city. It's very affordable and kids 3 and under are free which is even better. Here is Cooper on the copper lion.

Scotlyn & Alicia, Brandon & Parker are very happy to pose for me to take a picture. Cooper and Robert wanted nothing to do with any pictures.

Scotlyn and Brandon having a great time.

Scotlyn, Brandon, and Alicia

Parker, "Hey mom, look at me."

Parker and Robert are 5 months apart in age. Robert was born in October and Parker was in March.

Deann and I have been friends for over 10 years and have lots of fun together. She and her girls have been up to Idaho to visit us every year since we have moved from Southern Utah. We always have a great time and find lots of stuff to do together.

Kitura and Scotlyn found a moss pool...ewww!

Parker and Cooper

Again...Parker and Cooper at the zoo again.

All the kids down by the Idaho Falls. We walked down here after we visited the Farmer's Market.

The boys': Parker, Cooper, Jeff, and Matt down by the falls.

Kitura, Kambria, and Scotlyn at the zoo.

Kitura and Scoltyn