Sunday, July 16, 2017

Road to Trip to Iowa!

We borrowed my parents motorhome and took a road trip to Iowa to visit the family. Wendy and Russ are living back there for the summer and Jennifer also made plans to visit. We left Friday night, June 29 and drove to Bozeman, MT where we stayed the night in the Walmart parking lot. Saturday, we made a stop at Wall drug, had dinner, then continued on to a small rest area to get some sleep right before Sioux City, S. Dakota. On Sunday, we made a few stops at some historical sights before arriving at the farm around 5pm. Monday, July 3, Cheri, Jen, Scotlyn, Josie, Parker, Cooper, Wendy, Bonnie, CJ, and I went floating down the Winnebago River. The water was super mucky and pretty shallow. The kids all enjoyed it and had a great time. I did not know at the time, but there happened to be leeches in the pond water where we got out at then end. I was a little freaked out and paid Parker $10 to swim my tube back to the river part and I got out there. Tuesday was the 4th of July and we spend the day watching a parade in Scarville. The boys entered a tractor pull contest and Cooper won 3rd place. Scotlyn, Morgan, Madi, and Josie dressed up as country school girls and walked with Bonnie in the July Jubilee parade that was in Lake Mills. The rest of the week was spent with Matt working on his '66 Chevelle, helping David work on his Galaxy, shooting BB guns, lighting off fireworks, driving the golf cart and the 4 wheeler, helping grandma Wendy water the plants, going to the celebration of July Jubilee, more tractor pulls where Cooper won 3rd place again, fishing in a pond, catching lightning bugs, and playing with cousins. On our way home, we drove through the Badlands, fed prairie dogs peanuts, made a stop at Mount Rushmore, did a cave tour, and road an alpine slide. The whole trip was wonderful!