Sunday, October 4, 2009


I noticed as I looked at my other posts...Coop gets left out quite a bit. So, this post is devoted just to Cooper. Here are some recent ones of our smiley guy.

What happened in September?

Like I mentioned before...I will do my best to keep this blog updated. The month of September has flown by with a few milestones. Our little girl turned 6 the end of August. We had a tea party for her with a few friends. She loved it! Her favorite snack now is cucumber sandwiches with butter. She also started 1st grade and Parker started preschool. They both seem to be enjoying themselves. I went back to work part time. This makes for busy week days...but such nice, relaxing weekends. Lil' Coop gets to be with me in the classroom...I have a great co-teacher! The kids love him and make lists of who gets to hold him at recess. One month down, only 8 months to go! My mom was able to bring my grandparents up for a visit before it got too cold for them here. We had a wonderful time (no pics though ):) . Cooper has started to get up on all 4 and move back and forth getting ready to crawl. I not sure I am quite ready for that. All in all we had a great month. We're happy fall is here and welcome the crisp and cold mornings! We'll see you at the end of October for Halloween pics.