Friday, October 31, 2008

Another Update...

Their giving me some hope...we have walls and and now a roof (after the picture was taken). Matt is in the process of getting the electrical done and went to get the siding. I think they might just be able to beat the snow! P has been having fun being daddy's little helper also.

Happy Halloween!!

We wish everyone a Happy Halloween and hope yours was as fun as ours. P was a doctor, our girl was Raggedy Ann, Ole was a witch, and Sarah was a nerd. We went to a halloween party for one of our girl's classmates, then to the mall to trick or treat, then home for some more trick or treating. I think a good time was had by all. I actually think our girl had more fun waiting for trick or treaters to come to our door. With all the candy she had collected, she had decided we only needed the chocolate candy bar kind, so she decided to recycle it and put it in our give out candy. I was ok with that to cut down on the amount we had in the house. Surprisingly, P went totally candy free the whole day! Our girl and P want to thank both their wonderful grandmama's for sending them such wonderful Halloween packages. They were both filled with many goodies and we know lots of love! They both know how lucky they are to have such fantastic sets of grandparents!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Update on the garage...

As you can see in the picture we now have some sides going up with walls. However, we had a guy knock over our fence dropping off the trusses, our cement guy splashed cement on our neighbors suburban, our fence that we just had restained a couple months ago is getting broken and scratched, and one day I came home and had to take a picture because 2 of the 3 construction workers were walking around talking on their cells phones for a bit (and we're paying for this!) I'm still betting on next spring, but their giving me some hope!

Happy Harvest!

Sarah and I took the kids to a local pumpkin patch here in Idaho Falls called "The Red Barn" to pick pumpkins and go through the corn maze! I'm not sure who had more fun...Sarah or Scotlyn. We carved pumpkins and had a great time watching Parker trying to eat the top of all the pumpkins!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

picture posing...

My girl and I were playing with the camera and P. We decided to take some candid shots of him in his new winter hat and in a pre Halloween get up. He's deciding to maybe be a pumpkin this year. We're not sure...

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Doing some long will it take?

We have been ask to post pics of the construction of Matt's "new home!" We had a beautiful big backyard with 2 fruit trees and now those are gone, along with the shed and a quarter of the yard. Matt felt I needed my own garage (i.e. he has too much s*** too fit in the one that came with the house) so when everyone else is preparing for a recession...he decides to build another garage! We'll post pics along the way so you can see the process. It has taken about 3-4 weeks just to get the concrete poured. Now he knows what it's like when the shoes on the other foot (he used to be one of those construction guys). He is now waiting for them to pour the walls...we'll see how long that takes. Hopefully, we'll get it done soon before there's too much snow. Our girl has had fun playing in the dirt hills and driving the excavator with Matt. Hopefully, this won't take too much longer...he's saying 2-3 weeks...I'm saying next spring!