Friday, March 15, 2013

Mr. Cooper Lynn turns 4 years old!!!

This little guy had a birthday on Saturday, April 20. He had 5 friends come play with him at Blast Off. I had to post some other cute photos of him that were in my phone. He is always ready for the camera and willing to smile on demand, unlike his older brother. He lets his sister dress him up and he loves to pick out his own clothes to wear, which don't always match colors or patterns. I love that every night before he goes to bed he says his prayers and then says "I love you to the moon and back mom." We look forward to many more great pictures of our little Coopidty Dooper.

These are pictures of him "walking around the sun" for his birthday celebration at school. We made colored vanilla pudding snacks with Oreo's on top for his special snack. This is always a special day when the kids get to walk around the sun and present their birthday poster.

March 7, 2013 - Parker's 5th Birthday (and info. on Matt too)

On March 7, 2013, our middle child, Parker Magnus, turned the big 5!! He is so excited to be a kindergartener next year. That's all he can talk about these days. He woke up to presents and a tractor cake. He had a great birthday celebration at school, then Nana picked him and the other kids up and took them to Wendy's for frosties and fries. She then had a party for him at her house. I had parent conferences all day and Matt was working, but Nana sure made up for it. Auntie Sarah and Jason joined in on the fun and bought him Skylanders for our Wii. He had a birthday party with his friends on  the "Fun on Wheels" bus. This is a gymnastics bus that goes around to local schools and teaches kids gymnastics. I think he had a pretty great day.

Update on Mr. Mikkelson: He continues to be great!! He's not happy with the amount of weight the steroids have allowed him to put on...25 lbs. since his surgery. Hopefully, now that he is lowering his steroids, his weight will go down also. He continues to drink a lot of liquids to quench his thirst and dry mouth. He's trying to only consume water and not many sugary drinks. He kept track yesterday, and he used the restroom 22 times from the time of waking up. This definitely puts a crimp in his days having to go to the bathroom so much. He will be tested again for diabetes incipidus at the Kidney Center here in Idaho Falls next week.  As long as he continues to input as much as he is outputting, then there is no problem. I'll update again when we have more information.

Before "The Brain Tumor"...

The week before we found out about Matt's brain tumor; we were having a great time in Salt Lake City, Utah. On January 5, Sarah, Jennifer, and I took Scotlyn to her first ever concert at a grand arena. It was a last minute deal so we didn't get great seats but we had a wonderful time. We surprised her that night when we were on our way to the concert. She was so surprised that she threw up in a janitor's trash can. In the above picture, she is holding a $6.00 empty popcorn bucket that Auntie Sarah had to pay for because Scotlyn thought she was going to throw up again. We sat and watched her google over Justin Bieber and Carly Rae Jeppson. She said it was the best surprise ever!! Next time, maybe we'll spring for better seats so he doesn't look so teeny. Both grandma's were also there to join in on the fun. They stayed in the hotel room and had fun with the boys.