Sunday, January 1, 2017

Christmas Vacation 2016!!

The week we left was super busy for all of us. Wendy and Russ came up to help, along with my mom, for the week. Matt had to go into the hospital for 3 days for a lung biopsy which kept us busy driving back and forth, we had Christmas presents to finish making, and the kids annual holiday house festival at the school to attend. After all was said and done for the week, we had planned a surprise Christmas vacation for the kids and took them to CA. Matt had scheduled a training in Carlsbad, CA for the week before Christmas. Jinnefer, Derrick, and the kids met us there so the kids could play and visit. Monday, we took everyone to the Safari Animal Park in Escondido. On Tuesday, I surprised the boys (Scotlyn knew) with a trip to Legoland. Parker was much more amused than Cooper was. Cooper's response was, "Not everyone likes Legos." At that moment, I was not a happy mommy!! In the end, we all had such a great time and would definitely go back again. Wednesday, we went to the aquarium next to Legoland then had a quick visit to the beach. It was cold and rainy, so we couldn't play in the water. Matt had scheduled me a flight simulator time at his training center that day, so we ended our play time early. We drove back to S. Utah on Thursday and had a wonderful visit with everyone. Cortney and David drove in from Nebraska. We all stayed at Royce and Tom's house and had a great time catching up and sharing old stories. Before we left, we had an early Christmas dinner with my parents. Sarah and Georgia also came for a short visit.