Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Scotlyn's History Project...

Scotlyn and Zoe did a history project for National History Day. They researched a woman by the name Virginia Cottey. She started one of the 1st women's colleges. They both learned a lot from this project and did a very nice job presenting themselves.

Ms. Georgia & Parker...

My mom took the kids to Elko, NV for Easter this year. Georgia loved Parker and Parker loved Georgia. She very much enjoyed crawling all over him. Sarah sent me videos of her laughing at him all the time.

Cooper's Teeth...

This poor kid had to have 5 teeth pulled and might still have to have some more pulled. He has too many teeth and not enough room. He hadn't lost any teeth on his own, so his dentist and orthodontist insisted that they do it for him. He scored in the tooth fairy department!! These suckers had really long roots too.

Spring Break 2017 - March 20-24

For Spring Break this year, we were able to go with Matt to Spokane, WA for the week. None of us, minus Matt, had been there. We stayed at the Red Lion Hotel right by the river and it was beautiful. It was so much fun spending time with the kids just playing around. We went to a science museum, a children's museum, the movies (Beauty & the Beast), ate sushi, found the yummiest pizza place, and walked along the riverwalk.

Starr turns 40!!!

I turned the big 40 on March 6 of this year. My wonderful sister and mother put together a surprise party for me in Las Vegas with all my friends and family. They did a really great job because I had no clue what they were up too. Two of my co-workers even flew down on the same plane as us from Idaho Falls using an excuse why they had to also take a trip and I totally bought it!! We had such an amazing weekend!! We had dinner at the Sugar Factory and saw Michael Jackson's Cirque De Soleil show. We stayed in a friend's time share and were able to relax by the poolside. It was a wonderful weekend and we were all very tired by the end.