Thursday, May 30, 2013

May Happenings 2013...

Happy Memorial Day!!! Scotlyn had two friends for a sleep over, i.e. the tent in the background. The boys found a stash of sparklers that were left over from last summer and, of course, wanted to light them on fire. They had fun watching them burn.

The boys were making lots of noise and laughing in the bathroom one evening so I went to check and see what they were doing: "Mom, we're giving our cars a car wash. They are dirty and need a bath." They used 3/4 bottle of the brand new soap that I had just bought. It kept them entertained for about 1/2 an hour. Then for the next two nights, they gave their cars and trucks baths, and now all they're vehicles smell like eucalyptus mint.

Matt can't do anything small (our joke in the house)!! His liver continues to show signs of being elevated, so, his docs ordered a liver biopsy, along with many other blood tests that it seems he has to give every week. Like anything else he does, it was a hospital ordeal. We went in at 9 am, they got him in 10:30 am, and he had to lie on his side for 2 hours in case of bleeding. They had to watch him for three hours. I waited in the surgical waiting room for the 3 hours that he was recovering and got caught up on some work and Pinterest!