Wednesday, December 29, 2010

December & Walt Disney World 2010

As an early Christmas present to ourselves we decided to take Scotlyn to Walt Disney World in Florida. Matt's friend, Vince, was getting married and we thought to make a small vacation out of it. We had such a good time at both the wedding and the park. I don't think Scotlyn takes after me in my love for Disney since she cried on almost every ride from being scared, but towards the end of the night after being there all day...she began to enjoy herself and after I had to bribe her to go on most of the rides. Matt's parents came up to watch the boys along with my sister who helped out. I think Parker knew we were at a place that had Mickey Mouse because he said his name everytime I talked to him on the phone. The wedding was beautiful and we were happy to be able to share in Vince and Stephanie's joyous day. What a great end to a great year.